Our featured services:

Digital prepress services

We provide a surfeit of cross media print ready solutions to customers all around the world. Services include typesetting and pagination, book and document scanning, OCR scanning, copyediting and proofreading for the domains including Newsletters, Directories, Journals, Magazines, Technical documents and more.

Epublishing services

We offer premium quality services in eBook conversion and formatting for publishers and other entities worldwide. Some of the most common conversions dealt by our team of connoisseurs are ePub, enhanced ePub, interactive eBook, Fixed Layout ePub, Kindle formats as well as flash to HTML5 conversion and more compatible with platforms including Apple iBook store, Barnes, and Noble, Amazon, Sony and more.

Graphic designing

We offer top quality and visually compelling creative graphic solutions including logo design, brochure design, magazine design, 2d animation, video editing and digital illustration for various business entities.

Photo editing services

We provide high-quality image editing services for businesses of all sizes globally through highly skilled workforce and the use of advanced technologies. Our services include retouching, photo clipping,  old photo restoration,  eCommerce photo retouching, real estate photo editing, wedding photo editing, panorama photo stitching services for Photographers, Real estate agencies, Publishing houses, Portrait studios, eCommerce firms, Media, Lifestyle, Fashion industry and more.

3D Design

We provide specialized 3D services which include but not confined to 3D modeling, 3D rendering, 3D sculpting, 3D animation and architectural 3d walk-through by using latest and advanced softwares

Virtual reality 

We provide end to end virtual reality experience from production, virtual reality capture and app/browser development for various businesses like architecture, defence, healthcare, media, education. Our services include VR experience, Interactive virtual tours, augmented reality, mixed reality, 360 degree live streaming, 360 degree video production and more.

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